this is exactly how not to choose your wedding photographer.

Your wedding will probably be one of the most important and memorable days of your entire life. How will you cherish the memory of this day, however? Through photos! It is important to make sure the person you choose to capture your wedding is able to capture the big day perfectly and that your choice of the photographer does not end up being just an oversight. Here are 4 ways to NOT choose your wedding photographer:

They’re family

You have a relative who has an amazing Instagram and takes the most artsy selfies. He also did a photography course three years ago! Maybe he has offered to cover your wedding for free! While it may seem like you’re making a great decision saving your money and not turning his offer down, you are risking a whole album of bad pictures that you will be regretting for the rest of your life. Unless this offer is coming from someone who has already covered wedding before and has a proper portfolio that you can see for yourself, it is best that you say no. Try to make sure you are being selective with your choice and handling this responsibility to a professional photographer. 

They’re the venue’s recommendation

Your venue will probably suggest you a list of suppliers from caterers to florist, planners and photographers. You can consider their suggestion critically and then come to your decision, but make sure you do not blindly trust the venue’s recommendation without properly evaluating it yourself. Do keep in mind that these “recommendations” are paid for and not necessarily the best choice. Double-check these recommendations against other people who might have taken them, your friends and online reviews. Some venues do offer excellent recommendations that also happen to be affordable, but make sure the decision comes from you and not from the venue.

The studio has a high turnout rate

While it is important that the studio you are choosing has a reputation and some experience, you do not want to choose a photographer that has a heavy workload and won’t be able to offer full attention to your wedding. It is also possible the photographer is sending over associate photographers or getting amateurs to fill their shoes. If they are going it all by their own, do they seem interested or passionate in what they will be doing? Make sure you are fully aware of who will have the camera on your big day, and that they must be willing to listen to and follow your vision and aesthetic for the wedding.

The portfolio clicked

While the portfolio is the most primary aspect of your photographer to be considering, it must not be the only thing you look at to make your decision. As you scroll through your photographer’s portfolio, you will find several beautiful shots that will catch your eye and make your heart flutter, but remember that a few stunning photos is not a proper criteria. What’s more important than judging the photographer’s work by just looking at their portfolio is setting up a meeting and talking to them in person. You must make sure your photographer is willing to listen to your demands, and is able to tell YOUR story through their pictures.