1. Introduction and Rapport Building

  • Begin with a warm and friendly introduction.
  • Thank them for considering your services and express your enthusiasm about potentially capturing their special day.
  • Briefly share about your journey and style as a wedding photographer, emphasizing your passion for capturing authentic moments.

2. Understanding the Couple’s Vision and Details

  • Inquire about the wedding date and location(s). Are they planning a local event or a destination wedding?
  • Ask about the overall theme and style of their wedding. Are they envisioning a formal, casual, traditional, or modern style?
  • Delve into their expectations and specific desires for their wedding photography. What aspects of their wedding are most important for them to be captured?

3. Specific Photography Needs and Logistics

  • Ask if there are different locations for getting ready, the ceremony, and the reception, or if all events are at the same place.
  • Inquire about the start time for the wedding to understand the timeline better.
  • Discuss the flow of the day from their perspective to plan the photography schedule accordingly.

4. Photography Packages and Customization

  • Present your photography packages, highlighting that the Black Label package is most popular, including a second photographer, an engagement shoot, and clone parent albums.
  • Note that customized albums are available for an additional $400.
  • Discuss any additional customization options they might be interested in.

5. Post-Production and Deliverables

  • Explain your post-production process, including backing up images and sending 50-60 previews within a few days.
  • Indicate that the full gallery will be available in 4-5 weeks, all in high resolution and unwatermarked.
  • Describe the process for selecting images for the album: they and their parents will flag images in the gallery, followed by your team designing the album. After final approval, the images will be retouched and the album order processed.

6. Pricing, Payment Terms, and Contract

  • Discuss the pricing, noting that a 20% deposit is required to book your services, with the remaining balance due on the day of the wedding.
  • Inform them that the next step is for you to build a quote and send a contract for them to review.

7. Next Steps

  • Mention you will create a personalized quote and prepare a contract for their review.
  • Encourage them to take their time reviewing the contract and to reach out with any questions.

8. Closing the Call

  • Thank them for their time and express your excitement about the possibility of capturing their wedding.
  • Provide your contact information for any further questions or follow-ups.

This comprehensive approach ensures that potential clients are well-informed about your services while also giving you a clear understanding of their needs and expectations.

  • IntroductionWarm welcome and thanks.
    Brief personal introduction and photography style.
  • Couple's VisionWedding date and location(s).
    Wedding theme and style.
    Expectations for photography.
  • Photography LogisticsLocations for getting ready, ceremony, and reception.
    Wedding start time.
    Day's flow from the couple's perspective.
  • Package DetailsOverview of photography packages.
    Highlight Black Label package features.
    Discuss customized album option and additional costs.
  • Post-Production ProcessExplain backing up images and preview delivery timeline.
    Full gallery availability timeline.
    Process for album selection and design.
  • Pricing and Payment20% deposit requirement.
    Balance due on the wedding day.
    Next steps: personalized quote and contract review.
  • ClosingThank them and express eagerness to work together.
    Provide contact details for further questions or follow-ups.