What is Wedding Photojournalism?

Wedding photojournalism is an art form that focuses on capturing candid, unscripted moments of your special day. Unlike traditional wedding photography that often involves posed, structured shots, our wedding photojournalists work discreetly in the background, documenting real emotions and events as they unfold. This approach provides a unique, authentic narrative of your wedding day, offering a more intimate and personal record of your most cherished moments.

How is it Different from a Lead and Second Shooter?

Our lead and second shooters excel in capturing the essential elements of your wedding – from the ceremony to the reception, including posed family and couple portraits. In contrast, our wedding photojournalist add-on brings an additional layer of storytelling.

While our lead and second shooters focus on the key highlights and formal aspects, our photojournalist captures the spontaneous, fleeting moments that often go unnoticed – a tearful smile, a shared laugh, a loving glance. These are the memories that truly encapsulate the spirit of your celebration.