November 13, 2018
Wedding Wisdom Podcast with Doug Winters

Doug Winters, a talented musician and band owner, invited me onto his podcast to chat about the wedding industry. I was thrilled to learn that this sort of podcast even existed let alone the amount of talent he had already had on the show. Whether your a Bride and Groom planning a wedding, an event planner, florist, etc… This is an invaluable resource with information from the top names in the industry. I am honored to be even mentioned with industry titans like Preston Bailey and Harriet Kats.

Doug and I met at an upscale hotel in Williamsburg while working a wedding. I hear a lot of bands but he knew how to get guests moving and keep a party going. To be perfectly honest, he was the highlight of the wedding!

Check it out here or on his website:

Ep. 28: Alex Knight