Alex Knight

Alex Knight

Our trendy and modern black and white photo booth is a great addition to any event. Guests can take their own photos in a fun and festive atmosphere and print beautiful 4x6 photos instantly as well as share to their mobile phones via a QR code.



Capture the FUN

Frequently asked questions

What kind of prints and how many are included?

4x6 glossy prints with envelopes are included. Printing is unlimited for the duration of service (typically 3 hours).

how big is the photo booth?

The photo booth takes up a floor are of about 10 feet x 10 feet. The backdrop is about 10 feet high.

how many people can fit in the frame?

Plenty...That is why we are so popular! Five to six people can fit comfortably in the booth. We have experienced 8-10 people in the booth at one time. Our personal record is 16!

Is the photo booth easy to use?

The photo booth is very easy to use. A welcome screen tells you exactly what to do. Our photo booth attendants are there to get you started on each session, and we even push the start button for you! A viewing screen will give a 3-second countdown before each consecutive picture is taken. The screen counts down between each photo booth shot, so you can't miss your cue to smile! In less than 15 seconds, your guests will receive a printout of their picture outside the booth. And don't forget, our booth attendant is always there to answer any of your questions!

what type of camera and printer do you use?

Our photo booth is equipped with a DLSR camera. The images are printed on a high quality, high speed, dye-sublimation thermal printer, similar to ones used by professionals, just a smaller scale. Our printers produce commercial grade, archival quality prints that will stand up to water and fingerprints.

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