An Inside Look Into Emily & Rob’s Wedding

Collaborative creatives:

Planner: Jesse Reing (@eventsbyjesse)

Hair: Britt Bridal Hair Services (@brittbridalhair)

Makeup: Essie Cohen (@essiecohenmakeup)

Florals/Decor: Forever In Bloom (@foreverinbloommtkisco)

Band: Starlight Music

Cake: Just Desserts By Jess

Oct 7, 2023

“As a wedding photographer, I've had the privilege of capturing countless special days, but Emily and Rob's wedding was truly one for the books.”

Alex Knight, Photographer

The Big Day - Preparations and Details

The day began at the Opus Hotel in Westchester, a venue with elegantly designed spaces that served as the perfect backdrop for some of the day’s most memorable shots.

Exuding contemporary luxury, this venue helped reflect the day's modern theme in the couple’s getting-ready photos, adding a special touch of timeless sophistication.

On the other hand, with its subtle colors and delicate embellishments, the wedding invitation hinted at the chic and sophisticated celebration to come. It wasn't just an announcement but a classy preview of the day ahead.

The Bride

Emily's preparation for the day was a sight to behold. With her hair styled to perfection by Britt Bridal Hair Services (@brittbridalhair) and makeup artfully applied by Essie Cohen (@essiecohenmakeup), she looked every bit the modern bride.

The Groom

Rob exuded sophistication which was made evident by his black tuxedo and fashionable shoes.

The First Looks - A Morning Filled With Emotion

As a part of Emily’s morning, the day unfolded with emotional first looks, capturing profound connections.

The moment when the bride’s father first laid eyes on her in her stunning bridal attire, nothing but love and happiness shined through.

The soon-to-be-wed were also able to have an interlude of their own before the ceremony. During their first look, with radiant smiles and hearts pounding, Rob and Emily shared a beautiful moment to remember.

The Moments Before The Ceremony

As the day progressed, the couple savored the last moments at the hotel, relishing in the anticipation of what was to come.

This first venue provided the perfect opportunity for elegant photos that captured their playful interaction and the excitement brimming between them, showcasing the joy and lightheartedness that marked the beginning of their wedding day.

A Venue Tailored to Their Vision

The ceremony and reception were held at the Hudson Loft, an industrial-chic venue that provided a stunning contrast to the earlier hotel setting.

The warehouse-style space was transformed into a romantic haven by Forever In Bloom (@foreverinbloommtkisco), whose floral and décor designs brought warmth and elegance to the urban environment.

Jesse Reing from Events by Jesse (@eventsbyjesse) ensured that the day ran smoothly, orchestrating every moment with precision and grace.

A Modern Take Into Traditions

The couple's ceremony was both moving and beautiful, featuring a chuppah that was a masterpiece of design.

Underneath it, Emily and Rob exchanged vows in a scene that felt both intimate and grand.

The ketubah signing was a heartfelt testament to their commitment and the rich traditions that they honored on their special day.

The Monfreds’ Celebration on the Dance Floor

As the evening progressed, Starlight Music set the tone with their incredible performance, filling the venue with energy and excitement.

The band played a pivotal role in one of the day's highlights — the hora.

The joy radiating from Emily and Rob as they were lifted into the air made for some unforgettable photos.

During this exhilarating moment, Emily and Rob's parents also made an appearance, which added an infectious touch of fun to the celebration.

The dance floor became a whirl of enthusiasm and jubilation as guests of all ages joined in, embracing the pulsating rhythms of the music. Couples twirled, friends linked arms, and family members shared laughter, creating an atmosphere of unity and sheer delight.

Each step captured the essence of a love-filled celebration, making the night an unforgettable testament to the couple's union.

The Cherry On Top

The celebration of Emily and Rob's union was sweetened by the exquisite creations of Just Desserts By Jess, whose cake not only delighted the taste buds but also was a feast for the eyes, echoing the wedding's modern aesthetic.

Lighthearted Moments at the Photo Booth

The photo booth became a hub of animated joy, a place where memories were not just captured but crafted in a spirit of shared delight.

From the bride and groom striking whimsical poses to friends and family forming impromptu group shots, each click of the camera captured the shared happiness and camaraderie that permeated the air.

The Takeaways

Emily and Rob's wedding was not just a union of hearts but a showcase of how modern elements can beautifully blend with Jewish wedding traditions.

Their special day was a tapestry of love, joy, and style, woven together by the skilled hands of each vendor.

From the chic surroundings of the Opus Hotel to the vibrant energy of the Hudson Loft, this wedding was a testament to the couple's vision and the collaborative artistry of the vendors who brought it to life.

The images captured will serve as a timeless reminder of Emily and Rob's modern yet timeless celebration, a narrative of love that will inspire for years to come.